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Branding & Identity

Professional design work creates an image of a professional company – proud of what they do and willing to invest in building their brand identity. A poorly designed company logo, website or stationery will make customers wonder about where else corners are being cut.  From your logo to your website, social media, and more, your identity gets built piece by piece, and we can help you build it.  A professionally-designed logo and other branded materials can help you stand out amongst your competitors and create a visual connection with your clients. It is said that customers form an opinion about a company in a matter of seconds, so a well-designed logo and consistent branded materials shows that you and your services are professional, reliable and trustworthy.

A great logo is more than just showing your company name in an appealing font.   In fact, a logo is one of the most important branding investments a business can make.  It is the visual representation of the service you provide.  If your logo looks amateur, then so will your business.  Accounting Plus / Networking Plus can provide you with a professional, custom-designed logo that promotes your brand and gives your customers the right message about your products and/or services.


Brand Identity
You may already know about the importance of using your logo consistently, but there should also be consistency to the elements beyond your logo.  If all you do is essentially rubber-stamp your logo onto different things, you really have not developed a full brand identity.  While your logo is unchangeable, your brand identity must have both consistency and flexibility.  The elements that can be part of your brand identity could be fonts, colors, imagery, and even the style of the writing.  Our professional designer can help you create consistency by designing all elements used to promote your business, even if you already have an established logo.

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